Our DJ’s / Staff


Co-founder of Alchemy, Angaym K. Oss is a DJ, Promoter, and local Musician who has been involved with the dark art scene for years. K.Oss also is involved with a few Industrial and noise bands in the 505.

VJ Lithochasm

VJ Lithochasm is one of Albuquerque’s visualists specializing in mixing video content and producing original motion graphics for events. http://www.wolfnetarchives.com

Red 209

One of Albuquerques best alternative and industrial DJs, whenever DJ Red 209 spins, you need to check it out.


Slayer of bots and local musician and DJ. http://www.brianbotkiller.net


Albuquerques hottest up and coming Industrial and Alternative DJ!


Musician and DJ of the dark arts.

Paul Pope

Guest DJ / VJ from the cold north (Santa Fe Area)